Download the MODEST 15-S programme and abstracts as pdf (latest update: December 7).


Session chair: Steven Rieder

10:00 – Steven Rieder: Meeting introduction
10:10 – Nathan Leigh: “Missing Ingredients in Numerical Recipes for Star Cluster Evolution”
10:50 – Coffee/Tea break

11:20 – Alison Sills “The Evolution of Young Stellar Complexes in the Milky Way
11:40 – Michael Fellhauer: “Survival of Young Stellar Clusters”
12:00 – Lunch break

Session chair: Melvyn Davies

13:35 – Christian Boily: “A new approach for the assembly of massive star clusters
13:55 – Mario Spera: “Do open clusters evolve toward energy equipartition?
14:15 – Florent Renaud: “Star clusters in cosmological context”
14:35 – Coffee/Tea break

15:00 – Paolo Bianchini: “A novel look at energy equipartition in globular clusters”
15:20 – Hosein Haghi: “The effect of primordial residual-gas expulsion on the stellar mass function slope of globular clusters
15:40 – Filippo Contenta: “The origin of extended faint stellar systems in the outer Milky Way halo”
16:00 – Coffee/Tea break

16:25 – Akram Hasani Zonoozi: “The Sizes of Globular Clusters as Tracers of Galactic Halo Potentials
16:45 – Andreas Küpper: “Dynamics of Outer Halo Globular Clusters
17:05 – Poster session
17:20 – Welcome reception


Session chair: Alison Sills

09:30 – Anna Lisa Varri: “Long-term evolution of star clusters: rotation and tides”
09:50 – Alice Zocchi: “Pressure anisotropy in globular clusters”
10:10 – Long Wang: “DRAGON GC simulation project: million-body simulation of globular clusters”
10:30 – Coffee/Tea break

11:00 – Ian Claydon: “The effect of energetically unbound stars on globular cluster kinematics”
11:20 – Barbara Lanzoni: “Internal dynamics of Galactic globular clusters: an observational perspective”
11:40 – Peter Eggleton: “Probable mergers that turn triples into binaries”
12:00 – Lunch break

Session chair: Nathan Leigh

13:35 – Giampaolo Piotto: “Photometric and spectroscopic properties of multiple stellar populations in Galactic globular clusters: implications for the formation scenarios”
14:15 – Meghan Miholics: “The Dynamics of Multiple Populations in the Globular Cluster NGC 6362”
14:35 – Coffee/Tea break

15:00 – Domenico Nardiello: “Multiple Stellar Populations in Globular Cluster: last results”
15:20 – Jongsuk Hong: “Evolution of binary stars in multiple-population globular clusters
15:40 – Thomas Wijnen: “Face-on accretion onto Protoplanetary Discs: Implications for Globular Cluster Evolution
16:00 – Coffee/Tea break

16:25 – Harvey Richer: “Stellar Dynamics Informing Stellar Evolution”
17:05 – Francesco Ferraro: “Blue Stragglers as tracers of the internal dynamical evolution of stellar systems”
17:25 – end


Session chair: Barbara Lanzoni

09:30 – Pau Amaro Seoane: “Sculpting the Galactic Centre”
09:50 – Melvyn Davies: “Close encounters involving black holes within stellar clusters”
10:10 – Arash Bahramian: “Population of X-ray binaries in globular clusters and role of cluster properties in their formation”
10:30 – Coffee/Tea break

11:00 – Dongming Jin: “Prospects for observing dynamically formed Black Hole Binaries in the Virgo Cluster with Gravitational Waves.”
11:20 – Mirek Giersz: “A new scenario for IMBH formation in globular clusters.”
11:40 – Fabio Antonini: “Black hole mergers and blue stragglers from hierarchical triples formed in globular clusters”
12:00 – Lunch break

12:30 – Excursion to K-computer

13:00 – Excursion to Sake brewery


Session chair: Anna Lisa Varri

09:30 – Jun Makino: “N-body simulation on general- and special-purpose supercomputers
09:50 – Rainer Spurzem: “Supermassive Black Hole Binaries in Galactic Nuclei and Gravitational Wave Emission, simulated on large GPU clusters”
10:10 – Keigo Nitadori: “10th- and 12-th order Hermite integrators, and more.”
10:30 – Coffee/Tea break

11:00 – Toshio Fukushima: “Gravitational Field of Bagel
11:20 – Yohai Meiron: “Expansion techniques in collisionless systems (ETICS)
11:40 – Denis Yurin: “An iterative method for the construction of N-body galaxy models in collisionless equilibrium”
12:00 – Lunch break

Session chair: Giampaolo Piotto

13:35 – Piet Hut: “From Astrophysics to Astrobiology to Complex Systems Studies”
13:55 – Tjarda Boekholt: “The Origin of Chaos in the Orbit of Comet 1P/Halley”
14:15 – Steven Rieder: “The strange ring around stellar companion J1407b”
14:35 – Coffee/Tea break

15:00 – Lucie Jilkova: “Mass transfer among debris discs during close stellar encounters”
15:20 – Arkadiusz Hypki: “Comparing complex numerical models with the Gaia archive”
15:40 – Simon Portegies Zwart: “Reconstructing the Trapezium cluster by dynamical disk-truncating interactions in the young star cluster”
16:00 – Coffee/Tea break

16:25 – Steve McMillan: “A Hybrid Journey: From Stellar Dynamics to Cluster Formation”

Evening: conference dinner


Session chair: Christian Boily

09:30 – Michiko Fujii: “The formation and dynamical evolution of young star clusters”
10:10 – Yoko Funato: “Probabilities of Findings of Wide SMBH Binaries”
10:30 – Coffee/Tea break

11:00 – Eugene Vasiliev: “Evolution of binary supermassive black holes and the mythical final-parsec problem”
11:20 – Alessia Gualandris: “Collisionless loss-cone refilling: the end of the final parsec problem”
11:40 – Elisa Bortolas: “Simulations of Massive Black Hole Binaries in Galactic Merger Remnants”
12:00 – Lunch break

Session chair: Simon Portegies Zwart

13:35 – Holger Baumgardt: “The formation of the smallest galaxies”
13:55 – Douglas Heggie: conference summary

Instructions for speakers:
Please upload your talk to conference computer (Mac, as pdf, keynote; powerpoint at your own risk), and/or test your own computer in advance.
Please send us the pdf version of your talk for publication on the website

20 minute talk: 15 minutes for presentation, 5 minute discussion
40 minute talk: 30 minutes for presentation, 10 minute discussion

Poster instructions:
Posters (maximum size: A0 portrait) will be on display all week on the ground floor, accessible during all breaks. Each poster can be presented with a one-slide, one-minute presentation on Monday afternoon. Please send us the pdf (no other format) in advance via